We’ve always said, ‘MICI is more than a magazine -it’s a message,’ and it’s time to share the heart behind the name … we are really excited to release our curriculum, ‘I AM MICI – Made In Christ’s Image.’ It’s a 10 week Christ-centred-identity-discovery and discipleship course, encouraging and empowering girls aged 11 years and over, ‘that it’s in Christ we find out who we are and what we’re living for.

Core lessons and illustration activities are easily adapted to younger girls, aged 9 years and over and gives girls key strategises to help them on their journey of ‘becoming your UNIQUE self.’ We’ve been told by those that’ve done the course their girls ‘loved it and were really engaged in the content!’, and, ‘it’s full of such great content you won’t need to purchase another course all year!’ The retail price for full kit is only $199.95 AUD plus postage and it’s available now!
We hope it helps the girls in your world to discover their true identity is founded in Christ